A Room of His Own

Welcome back to condo2cottage!! We took some time off because, well, I am a teacher and the school year doesn’t allow for much time to blog unfortunately (darn all those papers to grade and lessons to write). But I am so glad to be back! Just because I couldn’t write about it, doesn’t mean we weren’t extremely busy in the house. In fact, last week when I started compiling all the pictures from the last few months I was in shock with how much we have done. I had thought we spent the winter and spring just binge-watching Downton Abbey and The Good Wife. Turns out we were productive between episodes! We are coming up on a year in this house and man does it look different. And we haven’t even done much on the first floor…yet…

So one project we got MOSTLY done is Liam’s room. We still have some finishing touches to add (frames around the door, wall trim, etc.) but it is about 95% done. This room was originally demoed (like the rest of the second floor) because when we moved in, the room was segmented very oddly and super tiny. Here are the before photos (note the immense fish-lensing, you can imagine how small it actually felt):


This was the entry way to the room. It had an oversized closet and a very narrow passageway.


Our first step was to demo the closet and open up the passageway. We then installed the door to the bedroom at the front-end of the passageway instead of the back-end, thereby making that area part of the actual bedroom instead of just a weird hallway. The new room isn’t a perfect square shape, but the two areas are actually perfectly spaced for having a desk in one, and a bed in the other. We installed a pocket door to save even more space, and also re-sheetrocked the ceiling because it was pretty beat up.

Liam decided that he wanted to have a two-tone room, blue on the bottom and white on the top. Seth got busy drawing level lines across the whole room and taping it off. We will be putting up wall trim between the two colors, but I must admit he did a pretty good job keeping the paint in the lines.


The back half of the room was not without more heavy duty work besides paint. We realized that we needed to have a closet in this room because we just ripped one out. So what we decided was that we were going to add a door to the closet that connects at the back of the house to Jordan’s room. So the boys would actually have a big adjoining closet. If need be, we will put up a divider later on, but for now it works out just great.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.58.14 PM


After Seth painted, he installed the floor. This is the same flooring that we got for the rest of the upstairs (from that bargain place last summer). It looks great in all of the bedrooms. You may notice in this picture that there is this weird opening in the wall. Well, demo isn’t perfect and doesn’t always go as planned. Turns out the back half of this room was an addition, and the wall between the two parts of the room is a load-bearing wall as it was once an external wall of the house. So in other words, we won’t be tearing that sucker down. So what we decided to do instead was to make a “window” out of it to open up the space. We will frame it out nicely (eventually) and install nice shelves for some additional storage/decoration. Can’t wait to get that done, but we need to get the big things done first!

So while we were waiting to finish things up, we let Liam move his bed in there (he had been sleeping in Jordan’s room) and get his stuff set-up. He hadn’t had his own room in a few years so this was pretty exciting for him. His bed fit in perfectly, we got the TV wall mounted so he can see it from either half of the room, and he got to put up some nice zombie-themed wall decals.

This was definitely a smaller project in the grand scheme of things, but it had a big impact on Liam. In fact, he was so excited to have his own desk that he put an excessive amount of desk accessories on his Amazon wish list for Christmas and barely had any room left to actually do work on the desk!



I look forward to being able to update this post with the finishing touches eventually. But for now, we are all sacrificing the finer things (like moulding…) to get the bigger projects done. At this point, both of our boys have their own rooms, and we aren’t sleeping in a closet anymore. And that folks, is a huge thing to check off the “want” list!

On to the next room…


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