Even superheroes need breaks!

I might not be able to scale a wall or fly, or do anything that superheroes can do for that matter, but this home renovation has made us feel like freakin’ superheroes! We have been working ourselves nonstop and accomplishing huge tasks since July…well until a few weeks ago that is. We seemed to have hit a bit of a slow spot in our journey, and every time we go to beat ourselves up about it, we just need to remind ourselves that even superheroes need an occasional break!

In all fairness, we haven’t completely fallen of the wagon. Seth has been working whenever possible to get Liam’s room drywalled and now spackled. The first coat of spackle is done in the majority of the room, and we should be able to get paint on the walls in the next week. Liam has been super patient, but we know he will be super happy when he finally gets his own room!

We also have been doing a lot of things to get our house ready for fall. We discovered that fallen leaves is not the biggest problem we will have in the fall, it will be these pesky pine needles! Holy crap, they blanket every inch outside, including the entire surface of the roof over our patio. Hello fire hazard 😦

I thought to myself as I was sweeping them up unsuccessfully that we should really invest in a leaf blower. The more I looked into it though, I realized that leaf blowers won’t work well on pine needles because there is no surface area to lift them. So it looks like we will just be refining our techniques as we go here. Every day presents us with a new challenge, that is for sure! At least it will make good compost?


Seth and I also used some of the last two weeks to take some time for ourselves and our family. We even got to take a trip to beautiful Gettysburg for my stepbrother’s wedding! It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to go back. The quaint little shops, the colorful leaves, the rich history… it was a breath of fresh air!

Back at home, the autumn has been beautiful so far. We had quite a warm spell last week (prolonging my desire for air conditioning in my classroom) and our lawn took full advantage of the heat. Look at the beautiful green grass! Yay!!! (this is what adulting is, right? celebrating grass?)

This week we are back to cooler temps and that means time to get the wood stove crankin’! We are still trying to figure it out honestly, and have just ordered our first cord of wood for $200 to be delivered on Friday (I say that like I know what a cord is, but in reality I have no idea… am I even spelling that right?). Where do people find free firewood?! It’s been great so far because we have been using free wood and heating our house for free but we aren’t sure how cost effective it will be to pay for wood versus paying for oil. Yet another thing we will need to figure out as we go! I think I need to make a graphic organizer or rubric to help us. At least we can enjoy the sites of fall while we calculate…

So for these superheroes, it has been a slow October. But we are recharging and getting ready to go full steam ahead again soon.  We leave you with this shot I took up the road from our house. This, right here, is why we live where we live. This is what makes it all worth it. Wide open spaces (yup, totally signing Dixie Chicks in my head now), rolling hills, and bright blue skies. Home, sweet, home 🙂



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