Reno. Week 7- Out of the closet!!!

I know, I know, it has been over a week since I last posted and you have been waiting on bated breath to find out the latest update. I apologize, my loyal fans. But trust me, it was totally worth the wait!

Week 7 start out kind of boring. Spackle, sand, spackle, sand, lose power, spackle, sand. The monotony was exhausting. Luckily, my dad came up again on Monday to help Seth out while I was at work during the day. They got a lot of things cleaned up in the upstairs and on the back patio, and finished all the sheetrock in the master bedroom. My dad corrected my “bad spackle job” which I blame him for because he never showed me how to properly spackle and that’s in the Daddy’s Girl handbook. Yes, I am 29 and still blaming my parents, but that’s how it goes right?

(Side note, I can’t begin to tell you how annoying it is that for the last 7 weeks I have been writing the word spackle in this blog and it spellchecks it EVERY TIME! Webster says it’s a word, WordPress. Get with the DIY times!)

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Spackle, sand, spackle, sand, spackle, sand.


Finally, days later, the majority of the sanding was done. Thank God for the vacuum attachment on the power sander or Seth would probably have a respiratory illness by now. There are still some spots that are pretty rough or need to be patched, but the important thing is that most of the dust was contained before we move our furniture and clothing upstairs.

Next up was painting. We had already picked out the color for our bedroom weeks ago, on a whim. We didn’t get any samples or anything, we just picked it out during one of our many trips to Home Depot (or Homey Deeps as we call it in our family thanks to my step-bro). It was called “White Lavender” by Behr. I was in love. I have always wanted a lavender room. It is such a calming color to me, and bedrooms should be just that! So Seth let me play interior designer and didn’t complain about the purple bedroom in his future. We decided to go with a standard white for the closets since there will be white shelving in them and we want it to be as bright in there as possible (plus it is the cheapest paint and who needs fancy in a closet?!).

While we waited for some last minute spackle spots to dry in the master bedroom before we could finish painting (this damp, cool fall weather has made that challenging and we actually had to kick the heat on in the house), we got to work in the closets. Seth got the flooring down in the back closet and we picked out a shelving system that we hoped would work.

After a few hours and some missteps with directions, we had our shelving system in place! We will be adding another small shelf on each side wall but there is no rush to get that done. Finally, Seth won’t have to sleep under my hanging clothes and I won’t accidentally drop them on his head in the morning when I am trying to get ready for work! Oh, and did I mention that at the very beginning of week 7, the power in our closet-room mysteriously went out? We have no idea why, and our electrician friend couldn’t figure it out in a short period of time. We opted to have him work on more of the upstairs stuff so we could just get the hell out of the closet-room once and for all. We can figure out the power situation some other time. So we have been charging phones in the bathroom at night, picking out clothes in the dark, and waiting even more impatiently to get into our new bedroom.

The back closet was starting to really look great. So of course that means something had to go wrong. When my dad was up, he decided to start working on framing out the shelves that we will have between the back closet and front closet. We couldn’t just make it one big closet because these are load bearing walls (there are actually 2 of them sandwiched next to each other). Instead we just have the two closets connected with a doorway and we will have some open shelving on each side of the doorway. The problem is, which they figured out as soon as they started framing, the two walls are crooked. Surprise, surprise! They are much closer together on the bottom than they are on top. So that means that the top shelves are going to be a few inches wider than the bottom shelves, and that we have to figure out another way to frame this out because, this, just can’t fly…


After we were satisfied with the back closet for now, Seth worked diligently to get the flooring done during the days that I was at work, and before he went in to work at karate. The poor guy is beat. But man, this room is really starting to shape up!

And that, folks, was why I wanted to wait to post to the blog! I didn’t want to leave the post like that, with a half done floor, when we were SO close! So instead I waited until today, when Seth finished the floor in our master bedroom. YAYAYAYAY!!!!! He even got the base moulding on and it looks flippin’ fantastic. I am completely thrilled! I wish I could put emojis on here!!

As soon as I got home from work today we got started moving our bed out of the closet downstairs and up into our new master bedroom. We assembled our bed frame that we had built last year (it isn’t totally set up in the picture below but it is good enough to sleep on for now!) and carried our mattress upstairs. We decided that we are definitely going to be getting a new mattress soon but for now, who cares, we have a bed… in a room!


I can’t WAIT to get this room decorated. We are trying to decide if we want to paint the “shiplap” wall or if we want to leave it the natural wood color. Hmm, decisions, decisions. Oh, but just picture the flowy drapes framing out the long glass window (once that’s in…thank God I have a good imagination). It is going to be fabulous.


In all of the excitement, I realized that I never got a good picture of our closet-room. I realized it right as we were dragging the mattress out of is and it was far too late to go back. So I decided to show you the closet-room anyway, without the mattress, messy clothes and all, with Ted and a standard pillow for size comparison. Our queen mattress literally took up the entire floor. One day, this will be an office… and the memory of it as our bedroom will be long gone.


So for the first time since we moved in July… we will be sleeping in a bedroom tonight. And that my friends, is a wonderful feeling. Big shout out to my husband for being such a rockstar and working so hard all day long. If he wasn’t so dedicated, it easily could have taken us several more months to come this far. It has been so much fun working along side him and as exhausted as we both are, we are so excited to see our house turning into a home that we are building together. And as if that weren’t sweet enough, our grass is starting to grow 🙂

Week 7… one for the record books!


Costs this week:

Home Depot #1 (dry wall materials, wood framing): $177

Home Depot #2 (paint, closet organizers, box fan): $190

Home Depot #3 (more paint, rollers, wood): $89

Home Depot #4 (WeMo light switch, doorknobs): $90

Home Depot #5 (paint stuff, drywall repair patches, more shelves, ceiling fan): $322

Total Costs this week: $868


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