Reno. Week 5- the children were nestled all snug in their beds

Renovation Month #2 is underway and in full swing. This week we took a little bit of a break for a few days, you know, to try and do this thing called “relax”. Although short lived, our rest was much needed and appreciated. But that doesn’t mean we have nothing to be proud of this week! In fact, we had our biggest and best accomplishment yet.

First up on the to-do list this week was the gigantic pit that was our front yard. It was quite the eye sore and needless to say, extremely dangerous. Walk a little too far to the left when you got out of the car and you were a goner. But the septic company we hired worked insanely fast. They got 28 trucks of sand emptied and deposited into the field in one day. Yes, 28 dump trucks…

Before we knew it, the hole was mostly filled in, and our driveway was subsequently destroyed.


We are now sporting a second piece of heavy duty construction equipment as well. Dwarfed by the excavator, this little backhoe loader (I have no idea if that is what this is…I bet our nephew Zach could tell me without even taking a second look!) was crucial to flattening out the top layer of dirt over the leach field.

Those of you wondering what a leach, or drain, field is (shout out to some of our city friends who were completely horrified by the description of a septic system haha), here is a cute drawing to explain that the leach field is where the poop water goes. functional-design-leach-field

Just imagine, one day this disaster will have a nice little vegetable garden on it, and a grassy patch for a cafe table. It sure is different from the shaded “yard” we had when we bought the house.


The only problem we had this week with the work was that the next step after completing the leach field was to dig out the old cesspool and make room for the septic tank. The area that this all needed to happen in is right outside our patio, a.k.a. the main way we get into our house. So basically if you want to come visit us anytime soon, you need to climb a tall sandy dune, or play hopscotch on some unsteady rocks that used to be a retaining wall (to the left in the second picture). It’s even more interesting in the dark!

Of course the work inside the house was not without scary incident either. I mean, what fun would that be! This week’s scare was brought to you by my dad, George.

That yellow wire there was live when the damage was done. My dad was drilling a hole in a stud to run a wire through, and accidentally drilled into a wire that was already there. Luckily, nobody was electrocuted and we all lived to tell about it. He also hit his head on a nail (or 2) and went the next day for a Tetanus shot. I can report that he is healing nicely, and still loves me despite all the trouble my house has caused (oh and he may or may not have caught my cold while he was up here too…).

The absolute BEST part of the week was the day that we were finally able to give our boys a legitimate place to sleep again! This was in the works from last week when Seth got Jordan’s room sanded, spackled and painted. Now we just needed to do the flooring. The day my dad was up working on some other things, Seth was able to get the laminate flooring and base moulding down all before lunch. I am so excited with how it came out.

After work that night we got started on assembling both of the boys’ beds in Jordan’s room. Unfortunately we will have to take Liam’s apart again in a few weeks when his room is done, but it was worth it.

So here they are, on their first night sleeping upstairs in the new room!! They may not have their bedding back yet (not sure what box I packed those in) but at least they are not sleeping on couches!


A few other small things were accomplished this week, but we really did try to relax a bit after the boys got into their room (and by relax, I mean binge watch Madam Secretary on Netflix… season 3 countdown= 12 days). We also were lucky to have a few unexpected visits from family friends! Everyone is curious about this crazy cottage we call home (including a stray beagle that we had to call animal control on).

In fact, one super busy Saturday morning, I was home alone with Jordan and looked out the window and saw the previous owner of the house talking to the septic crew. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, we really like this guy and he was super nice so we told him to come back and visit any time. But right now!? He is going to see his beloved home that he was so pained to leave in shambles! As I was mid-panic, I heard the knock on the door. I can’t lie, I contemplated hiding. But, I put my big girl pants on and went over to greet him. I invited him in and of course he wanted to see all we had done with the house. I avoided the downstairs (because I was nervous that us painting the paneling in the dining room white would make his blood boil for some reason) but showed him the whole renovation upstairs. He seemed to handle it well and said the house had been through many additions and renovations in its time. I tried my best to show him how we were saving lumber and trying to keep as much of the original elements as possible. Between seeing the house ripped apart and the front yard as a big mud pit, I can only imagine how he felt. Despite how well he handled it and how nice he was, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when he walked back out the door. Hopefully next time he visits we have grass in the yard and sheetrock on all the walls. I better keep those big girl pants nearby.

Week 6 is starting off with some much needed rain, which should be very interesting given the status of our front yard. But we won’t let that stop our progress inside the house! We hope to get the sheetrock in our room mostly done, and get some spackling and sanding completed. We should be able to move into our room in a few weeks if all goes as planned… but, really, does it ever!?

Stay tuned as always 🙂

Costs this week

Home Depot Trip (sheetrock, and lally columns which I will explain later): $220

Dad’s Tetanus Shot: Free at work clinic, woohoo!

Week 5 Total: $220




One thought on “Reno. Week 5- the children were nestled all snug in their beds

  1. Rayanne Bennett says:

    For your costs of the week …. how much were those big girl pants? You’re doing so well, guys. Sorry that your driveway had to be ripped up. I look forward to the next time I can safely come visit….lol

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