Demolition Doom- The 24 Hour Curse

Superstitions. Seth and I don’t really believe in them and have never considered ourselves superstitious people. However, looking over the last 24 hours, I’m really starting to wonder if we accidentally walked underneath a ladder during all of our demo craziness, or maybe broke a mirror…

I am limiting it to 24 hours because I really hope it ends soon! We have had a run of very bad luck. It all started yesterday when we found out that the tree company who is coming to take down 5 beautiful trees in our front yard all so the stupid septic can be installed even though we have a perfectly working cesspool (Yes, I am bitter…) is coming out to start work on Wednesday. They needed the huge dumpster that is taking up most of our driveway to be moved. So yesterday (Monday) Seth called the dumpster company to schedule the pickup for today (Tuesday). They said they would either come get it late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Seth and I kicked it into high gear to get all of the trash upstairs cleaned up and brought out to the dumpster. We had piles of sheetrock from the previous day, stacks of unsalvageable wood, and oh yea, an entire bathroom to demo. I got started on the cleanup and hauling and Seth started to rip apart the bathroom sinks. Literally 30 minutes after he placed the call, this happened…

2016-08-22 14.06.01

As Seth was in the middle of ripping out the huge bathroom sink, the dumpster company showed up to haul it away. Not “late Monday night” or “early Tuesday morning” as they had said, but instead, RIGHT NOW. There was nothing we could do but watch. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the dumpster was about 85% full already but we had huge pieces left to get rid of and now no way of doing so. We were beyond bummed. After spending $390 on that thing, seeing it drive away was painful. So now we are looking into buying a used pick-up truck… it’s a good thing we saved money by reusing lumber and buying from a surplus store that is closing.

So Seth and I dusted off our emotional bruises and got back to work. We got the majority of the bathroom ripped out, with the exception of the toilet. We had no time to clean it up because we had to get ready and head in to work at the karate school.


Work was crazy, lots of things to do since we were away for a week’s vacation and have been really busy with this project at home ever since. We finally got back home completely exhausted around 10pm. When I went in to the bathroom to get ready for bed, I noticed that the ceiling above the toilet was bubbled up like someone had blown air into it. I nervously poked at it and as I suspected, it was soggy. I called Seth in to assess the problem and we agreed, something in the bathroom upstairs had sprung a leak and was leaking into our downstairs bathroom (you know, the one that I fixed up a few weeks ago and posted about on here??). We had no choice but to cut into the ceiling to let the water out.

Seth went upstairs and ripped up a few more boards from under the old sink. He didn’t find anything there that could have been causing the leak. He eventually figured out that the water appeared to be coming from the main pipe going into the toilet. He tightened up the valve and we kept our fingers crossed as we crawled into bed, defeated.

Then we woke up… to even more bubbles in the ceiling. Ugh. Seth went back upstairs and ripped out the toilet. We were trying to hold off on doing this so that we still had two toilets in the house (with two boys, it is definitely nice to have) but there was no avoiding it now. We still couldn’t see an active leak but knew it was coming from the pipe behind the toilet.

20160823_105340We had two options: 1- cut up the subfloor in the upstairs bathroom and access the pipe that way, or 2- cut up the drywall in the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom (again… I remind you that it was already redone nicely…by yours truly) which would probably have to be replaced anyway since it was soaking wet at this point. We went with option 2.

Not only was this heartbreaking, but it was also disgustingly messy and gross. Also, we have no way of guaranteeing that the sheetrock we were pulling down didn’t contain asbestos. It looked pretty damn old. Yay…

Okay, so far that’s 2 strikes for this craptastic day. Time to refocus and get more walls assembled upstairs. We got to work on securing a wall that had some issues being level. We just needed to cut some 2X4s down to size to wedge between the already existing crooked wall, and the new one. As Seth went to cut these pieces, the blade on the miter saw stopped spinning. He tried to fix it but needed a wrench that he had last used in the bathroom. I was working on ripping up some pesky leftover strips of carpeting when I heard a loud sound in the bathroom and looked over just in time to see Seth falling to the floor, missing nail-studded boards by mere inches. I ran over to see him writhing around in pain. He had stepped on a damn nail and it had gone through his work boots and into his foot. He was struggling to get his boot off and I just kept hoping the nail wasn’t still in his foot. Luckily, it was not. But he had a nasty puncture wound right on the bottom of the ball of his foot and it hurt like hell.


Teddy came running upstairs from the other side of the house when he heard Seth yell. Between the cuteness of that and the absurdity of what had just happened, we both started to laugh and make light of the situation, especially when Seth uncovered the wrench that he had been searching for.

We got him downstairs and I was able to cleanup the wound and get some liquid bandaid on it.

I asked him when his last tetanus shot was, and he just stared at me blankly… so as I type this, Seth is headed to this doctor’s office to get a shot (begrudgingly and after pretending that he couldn’t open his jaw…NOT…FUNNY…).

Can the demo doom be over now?!?!

I throw in the towel on this cursed day.


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