We’ve all gone mad!

Anyone who has renovated knows that it pretty much drives you crazy. Between that and our closing being postponed YET again, my hair is literally falling out. So I decided I need to take a break and look back at some of the hysterical moments of our big move thus far. You will notice that the majority of these pictures involve my husband… pretty sure he won the “class clown” superlative at one point in his life. (Correction… He clarified that he won BIGGEST FLIRT!! That makes even more sense!)

Hysterical moment #1: While we were renovating the dark dining room, we had quite an issue when we took down those hideous restaurant light fixtures and had no light to go about putting up our new fabulous ones. So our solution was to strap a flashlight to Seth’s head using one of my headbands. Back off ladies, he is taken.


Hysterical moment #2: My son Jordan is quite the baby when it comes to bugs (he’s probably going to be mad at me when he reads this, but you know its true Jo!). He can’t stand any creepy crawlies… even the tamest of them. This created quite an dilemma for him when our wi-fi suddenly went out one night and he could no longer play x-box (God forbid). The problem was that the modem is in our basement. Now this isn’t your nice, fully finished basement. It isn’t even an unfinished, empty basement. It is an old, low-ceilinged, dark and damp dungeon that you can only  access from the outside. Therefore, when he asked if I could go down and reset the wi-fi, I answered with a “HECK NO!” I mean I am not as big of a baby as him when it comes to bugs but it is pretty darn close. Consider this lovely image taken by my father-in-law in our basement:

cave cricket

This, ladies an gentlemen, is a cave cricket, A.K.A. camel cricket. They jump 4+ feet in the air and apparently are carnivorous. We had them in our condo basement actually but they were only half the size at most. And this little fellow is the #1 reason why you will not see me going in that basement!

So here Jordan was, all wi-fi-less and desperate. My husband made a deal with him. He said he would go down into the basement, but that Jordan had to go with him so he knew where the modem was in case this happened again. Jordan fought the invite for quite a while until in a moment of NBA2K withdrawal, he came downstairs and announced he would take Seth up on the offer. When we turned around, this is what we saw:

He had essentially covered every inch of his body, like battle armor. Socks on his hands, a shirt over his head, and several pairs of paints. All this to fight off the cave crickets. Luckily, our wi-fi was restored, Jordan conquered a fear, and we all got a good laugh (at Jordan’s expense).

Hysterical moments #3 & #4: Installing our flooring in the bathroom, I saw that my husband’s boxers matched the pre-flooring material. I swear he did it on purpose…


One day I came home from the gym to find Seth being very productive, moving a chaise lounge by himself. Pulled up into the driveway to this site… Who needs the gym when you have furniture?!


Well for now, that is enough reminiscing to help me keep my sanity. On to the next project…



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