Faux tiles to the rescue!

Okay so we haven’t yet closed on this house and technically we are “renting” it but I just can’t stand this bathroom anymore. It feels cramped and gross and old and no matter how much elbow grease I could possibly throw at it, it will not look clean enough. So, time for a quick renovation. I have to say, I am pretty damn proud of this bathroom makeover, as I did all of it myself except the lighting.

So here is what we were starting with:

Bad fluorescent lighting, mismatching wood all over the place (including the handmade cabinets), and stained nasty linoleum. We honestly just want to rip the whole thing out and start from scratch but we have far too much going on in the next few weeks to do that (plus we technically don’t own it yet, minor detail). Starting immediately after we close we will be gutting the upstairs and reformatting the whole layout, so this needs to be a quick fix.

First things first, paint. We decided to paint the dark wood paneling a nice light color and go with a grey wall and ceiling color. Note to self, don’t choose the day after shoulder day at the gym to paint your ceiling. It sucks beyond belief.


Next we decided we would like to add a backsplash to incorporate the beige fixtures in with the grey walls and light paneling. I had recently discovered stick-on faux tiles at Home Depot that looked awesome (by Muretto).

faux tile

They came in different colors and had almost a jelly-like feel. Unless someone was really investigating, they could actually pass for tile but you didn’t need any grout or mess! Just a straight edge and a lot of patience. I got stuck in a few spots but figured it out and for about $70, got a brand new look.


The last big piece of the puzzle was the floor. We had some leftover vinyl plank flooring from our old house and although it wasn’t the same wood color, we decided it was better than the nasty stained linoleum. So in a few hours, my husband installed the new floor and a few pieces of shoe-molding.


The last few details were the lights and the hardware. We replaced all the original wooden knobs with silver modern pieces. We took out the old school lighting and installed LED fixtures with a little glam factor

bathroom light.jpg

Of course, we found at Home Depot since we pretty much live there now. Even our dog is there several times a week. It even looks in this picture like he is smiling (while we wait forever for paint…).


After all was said and done, we ended up with a bathroom that I truly enjoy! I mean, it is MORE than enough to get us through until we have the time and money to do a brand new bathroom.

Lights: $150

Paint: $29

Hardware: $18

Shower curtain and accessories: $43

Flooring: FREE because we already had it

TOTAL: $240!

2016-07-13 21.23.48

*The floors weren’t done yet in this after picture, but you get the idea!

On to the next project…


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