Birds, bugs and bathtubs

Today was my inspiration for this blog. Living in this house has been such an experience so far.

A little history on the house: it was built in 1931 as a little shack. A middle school life science teacher bought it in 1979 and spent the next 31 years rebuilding it all by hand. He was a woodworker in his free time so the whole house has a very Adirondack-feel. Because he designed everything to his liking, it is super unique. A huge shelved pantry, including an outlet above the shelf built for his breadmaker….A water heater in the basement on a timer so it is off during peak hours but with a little string attached to it snaked up through the living room floor so if you need hot water during that time, you can pull the string…More built-in shelving than you could ever imagine!

Obviously this house has a TON of character, which is why we fell in love with it. One of the best features is the awesome outdoor space. It is truly amazing and we can’t wait to make it our own.


So today shortly after fighting with the washer and dryer that we inherited (because apparently the dryer likes to open the door on its own), we got to work on some projects outside.

While we were out there:
-Seth climbed the roof to replace flood lights but we can’t find the switch to control them.


-I found a nest of baby birds right above our patio, they’re so cute. I actually sat inside on the couch for a few minutes and watched as mama birdie came back and forth with food. Such a dedicated parent!

-I saw a cute little mouse roaming over by the wood pile. He was way too quick for me to snap a picture.

-I saw a really interesting bug… but that happens just about every day around here.

– And our poor little pup got stung by a bee on his paw!!! We quickly gave him Benadryl and sprayed bee and wasp killer in the sidewalk where we found their nest. My poor baby!

2016-07-11 17.04.40

After all was said and done outside, it was time to clean up… meaning I would have to take a shower in the new house for the first time. Hellllooo 25 year old bathroom that grosses me the heck out. But the good news is I survived my first shower. You have to hold down the drain tab to drain the tub though so I also worked on my balance while bathing, keeping one foot on the tab while lathering. This will soon be corrected with a bungee cord… #classy




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