Packing up!

The months of June and July 2016… a.k.a. HELL! Let’s pack up the townhouse… the attic, the garage, the basement, and everything in between. We lived there for 4 years so it shouldn’t be too bad…right?!

seth moving outfit

So since Seth packed all of his socks (like a genius), he had to wear his fancy socks for moving. With tie-dye, steel toe boots and cargo shorts. What a hunk…



Technically we aren’t “downsizing” because the square footage is the same. However, the layout is very different from our current house. We were able to get rid of a lot of furniture: A bed, nightstands, a big desk, etc. We also dropped off a lot of toys and games that our boys have outgrown. Donating is definitely the silver lining of moving. Get rid of crap, and make someone else’s day.

So our little pup, who is just shy of one year old, has been completely freaked out about this move! We thought it was from his haircut but we realized it was probably because he sees us packing up our entire house and has no idea what is going on. So we decided to just start bringing him on our trips to and from the new house so he can get a feel for it. We got the keys a week early so Seth and I did 13 trips in the van this weekend… THIRTEEN. By ourselves. We need more friends…

trash under the bed

So to end this blog post… this is what underneath the bed of a 12 year old boy looks like. According to my husband, I’m lucky we didn’t find anything else…ew. So the rule is that the kids are only supposed to eat in the kitchen and dining room, living room for special occasions, and NEVER in their room. I am so glad they listen… wtf?! All I can think of is how our new house is in the woods and this kind of stuff will DEFINITELY create a mouse infestation, something has to give!

We finished the move the following weekend, July 9th, with the help of my dad, my stepdad, my friend Liz from work and our friend Keith. It was brutal. But considering our furnace blew right before selling our house and we were out a bunch of money we didn’t plan on, we couldn’t pay for movers. Never…again…


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